A slow cooker is an appliance that many of us will have in our cupboards. They are so convenient to use, especially when you have a busy schedule. Prep the ingredients in the morning and let it do its thing all day. Enabling you to return home to a comforting dish without the stress of prepping for dinner. What’s not to like?

Traditionally, many of us will only use the slow cooker in the winter months. Using it for stews and casseroles. However, there are many dishes that you can cook in them, and you can utilise the slow cooker in the summer months. It is a cost-effective way of cooking meals for the family. 

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Slow cooker pulled pork 

You can’t go wrong with pulled pork and it can be enjoyed in so many ways. In the summer, you can enjoy pulled pork on brioche rolls with corn on the cob and coleslaw, or with some grilled vegetables and chips.

It is a forgiving piece of meat and you can pack it full of flavor. This recipe is easy to follow and once it is prepped you can leave the slow cooker alone for the whole day. 

You can check out my pulled pork recipe, if you haven’t already.

Teriyaki Chicken 

I love the flavours of teriyaki with chicken, and this is another versatile dish to make. You can add vegetables to it to pack out the recipe a little more like broccoli or peppers, or make the side dishes separately. This is a dish you can serve with noodles and rice and is an easy one that the whole family will love. Simple but effective. 

You can check out another blogger’s recipe for Chicken Teriyaki.  

BBQ Chicken 

Chicken is one of those go-to ingredients for the slow cooker and a BBQ chicken is another simple recipe that could be served in different ways. You can enjoy the BBQ chicken with rice or noodles.

Or you can look at making some vegetable side dishes to go along with it. Make it a one-pot dish by adding chopped potatoes and vegetables to the slow cooker halfway through the cooking time. 

You can check out my recipe for BBQ Chicken

Butter Chicken curry

Curries can be enjoyed all year round, and this one is packed full of flavour. It isn’t too spicy, so it is a family-friendly curry that everyone will love.

You can enjoy this with rice, chips and nann bread to make it a wholesome family meal. 

You can check out the recipe from My therapist Cooks

Baby Back Ribs 

Ribs are a great option to enjoy in the summer, and while you may usually pop them on the BBQ making them in the slow cooker is a bit of a game changer.

The meat is so soft and delicious, and the flavours have a chance to be absorbed. If you want to crisp up the edges a bit you can add them to the grill before serving, but you really don’t need to. 

You can check out the recipe from Britney Breaks Bread

Honey Sesame Chicken 

Honey sesame chicken is a meal you may have had in the past, but have you ever tried making it in the slow cooker? Possibly not!

This is a great way to infuse the flavours into your chicken and you can serve this delicious dish with either rice, noodles, potatoes and vegetable side dishes. The kids will love the flavours of this one. 

You can check out the recipe from Cooking with Carlee

Coca-cola chicken thighs

Diet Coke chicken is something that a lot of us will be familiar with, but have you ever tried to make Coca-Cola chicken in the slow cooker before?

Using chicken thighs, which is a great cut of meat for the slow cooker and really reasonable to buy, you can make a sweet and delicious flavour with Coca-Cola.

Use any brand you like and transform this dish. You can serve it with all sorts of different options such as rice and vegetables or even noodles. 

You can check out the recipe from Fluxing Well

Beef Barbacoa 

A traditional Mexican dish that is usually made with goat but this recipe has taken the flavours and put it with beef instead and it is super tasty.

A versatile dish that you can serve in different ways and is a great one to introduce spice to children and different flavours. You have to try this slow cooker recipe this summer. 

You can check out the recipe from Jennifer Over Street

I hope these suggestions encourage you to use your slow cooker more this summer.

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