Though it’s one of the most interesting phases of a human life cycle, teenagers these days seem to struggle with a ton of health issues. The need to find correct fitness tips for teens became more intense as kids got attached to the technological world around them. There are multiple other reasons why teens are feeling more inactive and tired lately. 

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Personal trainers around the world suggest that fitness tips for teenagers should be different than the ones given to an adult. In this article, we will discuss some practical fitness tips for inactive and tired teens that fitness trainers suggest. These tips are supposed to get your teen used to a healthier lifestyle and be more productive in life. 

Ensure less screen time for them throughout the day

More than 60% of teenagers go online every single day

This is a statistic that shows current concerning truth about teenagers all around the world. We understand that kids need to use technology to stay top of the latest trends and learn new things on their own. At the same time, being in front of a screen for so much time makes them extremely inactive. 

One way to make your teen stay fit and healthy is to cut down their screen time as much as possible. Instead of using mobiles, make them engage in some outdoor activities or spend time with their friends.  This will allow them to learn different things and stay active so they can be far away from all kinds of sicknesses. 

Try something different every few workout sessions

Teens have the kind of mentality where if they have to do the same thing again and again, they tend to quit. One of the best fitness tips to make sure teens work out regularly is to keep changing the routine frequently. 

Most personal trainers say that there should be changes to a teen’s workout routine every few weeks to keep it interesting. That way, teens feel enthusiastic about staying fit and going to the gym daily. Exercising is one of the most efficient ways to keep your child from being tired all the time. 

Don’t overlook the power of a balanced diet

With so much stress due to constant exams, homework and many other things, teens either eat less or they eat a ton of unhealthy food. If you want your teenager to stay fit and healthy, you know that neither of these is good for their overall health and well-being. 

Working out or doing physical activities won’t help unless you support it with a balanced meal every day. A healthy diet filled with necessary nutrients allows your teen to grow properly and gain energy for things they have to do. Personal coaches suggest that teens should have a good diet based on their fitness goals and aspirations. Not only that, they have to stick to that plan instead of eating junk food. 

Have a proper sleep schedule for growing teenagers

An obvious reason as to why your teen is always tired or doesn’t wish to do anything is because they didn’t get enough sleep. With so much stress over their shoulders, teenagers often don’t sleep as much as they need to.

Sleeping is a necessity for them because they are continuously growing and need more energy than normal adults. After spending a day full of activities, make sure that your child is at least getting eight hours of sleep at night. A teenager will be able to stay fit and healthy as soon as they fix their messed up sleeping schedule and get rest when they need it. 

Suggest more outdoor activities

Working out shouldn’t be the only thing that your tired teen goes out to do. Staying indoors for studying is something they cannot avoid anyway. So in their free time, teens should get out of the house and explore a little. 

This is one of the fitness tips that can allow them to be healthy both mentally and physically. Playing sports, going on a walk, etc are some things that can distract teens from all the worries they have in life. It’s something that will help them stay active and also find something that will refresh them after a tiring day.

Ensure that their mental health is not ignored during all this

Most teenage issues like drinking, smoking, etc come from them not being in the best mental state. As important as it is to stay fit and healthy physically, you cannot ignore their mental health during that.

When it comes to staying fit mentally, teenagers need to be open to the idea of discussing their issues with someone. They have to know that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and get help when they need it. Doing meditation, working on hobbies, etc are some ways teenagers can use to stay fit and healthy. 

Some other amazing fitness tips for tired teens

  • Teens should try out exercises that focus on building muscle strength and burning calories.
  • Get in touch with a fitness trainer to get a personalised plan according to your current health. 
  • Make it a strict habit to drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. 
  • Set periodical fitness goals and work on achieving them every day of the week. 
  • Make use of fitness applications available online to stay fit and healthy in an efficient way. 
  • Keep in mind that being healthy doesn’t need to be rushed; you can take as much time as you need to meet your health goals. 


Teenagers seem to have constant expectations from adults to be perfect all the time, which makes it difficult for them to not feel overwhelmed. It’s hard for them to stay active and do things that are necessary for them to grow up as a healthy adult. They need to be guided properly so they can make the best out of these precious years of life.

In this article, we have listed down some fitness tips for teenagers suggested by expert personal trainers. We hope that this article enables teenagers to not be tired all the time and have a better lifestyle. Make sure to use these tips to help your teenager to stay on top of life struggles and develop into an amazing human being!

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