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Wherever your mind is during the day, whether it’s on work, coffee or the cute crazy cat videos that pop up on Facebook, your working space and your home should be both functional and tidy.

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If you’re the kind of person that finds organisation in your home a serious task, then it’s probably time for a rethink and during this quarantine period, it is a good idea to start rethinking your strategy as well as any type of changes that you want or need to make in your house. Whether that’s rearranging the furniture, painting or giving your garden a thorough clear away, you can find things to do and a way to make your living space better for now and for the future. 

A tidy room assists with your mind. Keeping tidy is the first step to achieving your goals, even daily tasks, keeping prioritized and being on top of everything you need to do. So what can you do room by room to improve things?

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The Kitchen – Give this part of your home a makeover 

1. Set Of Glasses

Have a little look next time you’re in TKMaxx at their glasses selection because they have some really quirky and unique glasses that are just a perfect reasonably priced gift that will never not be used. Why not search Amazon too and make the most of that Amazon Prime Subscription. 

2. Kitchen Candles

Candles are a perfect addition to a kitchen. Scented candles are the best way to dispel all those unwanted food smells from cooking your tacos or fried onions…we all know how smells linger so a heavy-duty scented candle, with a lovely fresh scent is a way to feel summery and put you in a great mood. 

3. Add a new table set for your home

Encourage eating at the table more if you don’t do this already. Don’t sit on the couch and eat, start using your kitchen table. Set it every day and make it feel inviting, you can even pretend that you’re in a cafe! It is good to sit down and eat food and not slouch on the sofa. Also look at getting in some health foods and keeping them in jars around the kitchen. Buying from health food stores like Holland and Barrett or Julian Graves for some healthy treats that will set them off perfectly for the quarantine detox. 

4. Kitchen Essentials

For a new homeowner, essentials are vital. A tea towel set, a kitchen knife set, oven gloves, or even a pan set…I think I could muster up quite a lot of excitement at a gorgeous set of copper pans. Mason jars are also a fab gift, different styles and colours for your overnight oats and much more. How about personalized mugs that you can keep on your counter to look pretty?

5. Kitchen Appliances

Why not take a little look at some of the goodies on offer for Blenders and Juicers.  Juicing is such a fantastic and fun way to get your nutrients and can be a substitute for a heavy and time-consuming breakfast. It’s a great addition to any kitchen that will go far and can be such a life-changer for many. These little added extras will bring life to your kitchen and make it feel functional! I love small kitchen appliances like my slow cooker that don’t take up too much space!

Bedroom furniture with fitted wardrobes

Give the bedroom in your home spruce up

Wicker Baskets

If you’re looking to house your clothes, blankets, or toys, then a wicker basket could be a great idea. You want a sturdy quality one that isn’t going to be super heavy and fits a lot inside, this way you can move it around as necessary. It’s a great storage space and can look great too!  Wicker is also sustainable so you’re also being eco-friendly, perfect in your home! 

A New Side Table Or Do Up The One You Have!

This is such a lovely addition to a bedroom especially if you want to display things! Really heavy, hearty chunks of wood and well-made items will look expensive and luxurious. Sideboards can look good in any room, they could be easily used in your living room to house magazines, or for drinks.  If you already have one that needs some love, then give it a lick of paint and some new handles and see what you can do! 

Add Metals

Add some exciting new pieces with some new textures. Metals look great and you can choose golds, silvers or coppers, to add a little bit of an ultra-chic vibe. You can also look at brushed metal colours but you can find little ornaments that will house your jewellery and accessories.  It really enhances any table and you could easily get two of these to match each side on your sideboard if you like symmetry. It’s modern and chic and can bring your home into the 21st century! 

Think About The Babies! (If You’re Expecting)

Create A Nursery

If you’re expecting a baby you’re going to want a nursery area for your baby. If you don’t have a huge space you will want to create something that is still special, take a look at some small nursery ideas. Don’t forget to sterilise anything baby will be touching regularly.

Add Pillows

Adding pillows to your bed, chairs or sofa areas in your baby’s space is going to be comforting for both of you. It can make your nursing area much cosier and make the space feel warm and inviting. Be sure to look at cushions that can support your back too. 

Add A Play Area

If you want a little interactive space for babies or toddlers then a designated spot for toys will be great. Fill it with books, toys, cuddly animals and promote their growth and development this way. Keep things tidy in storage boxes! 

Make The Living Room in your home More Upbeat

Add Rugs in your home

This is something that will never look wrong in any home. A rug brings everything together and can be used as a focal point. You can easily add a little comfort and cosiness to a room and spruce up plain wooden flooring. It’s luxurious and of course rugs come in all different styles and sizes. Look at what might suit your home best. Plain colours can look lovely or you can opt for a pattern if your room needs a little bit of colour or style. Greys and greens and muted colours can look sophisticated.

Chuck In A Throw

Throws can be used on cold winter evenings, cool summer evenings and they look and feel great! Throws can be easily layered and they also help protect your furniture. Get ones that are machine washable and you can throw it on the couch and make it feel much cosier. Choose any colour that works well, but beware of dripping any food or drink on it if it is a lighter colour, and maybe opt for something more sensible if you have kids around! (Of course that’s a no brainer!)

Vases And Flowers for your home

They look so elegant and especially this time of year when it is coming into summer and you want to decorate with flowers. Vases can feel very unique and feel one of a kind, as many are. They look homemade, charming and stylish so be sure to add some as you go! Go for ceramics, or glass or even wooden. And choose different designs, slimline, coloured, frosted, even dip dye, there are many styles to play around with!  It is the perfect modern touch also with a touch of tradition too. They really add character!

Your home can be your haven, with a few alterations and renovations you can make the place feel much more homely and ready for relaxation! 

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