Many people face difficulties in terms of their health as a result of having a sedentary working life. However, just because you are situated at a desk most of the time does not mean to say that you must continue with a less-than-active lifestyle.

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Here are six ways in which you can transform your working life, leading to a much healthier life.

Get moving

This might seem obvious, but moving around the office or workplace will help to burn calories and get your heart rate working at a higher level. Remaining at your desk and relying on others to fetch papers from a cupboard or paperwork from the printer or photocopier will not be helpful to your ambitions to improve your lifestyle.

Avoid driving

While it can be much easier to get up later in the morning and rely on taking your car to work, this over-reliance on transportation will not help you to become more active.

If the commute is too far, park a little further away from your workplace and incorporate a short walk into your daily routine. Alternatively, if you use public transport, get off the bus at a stop before the closest to your workplace, again allowing you to put a short walk into your day.

Improve your equipment

Sitting on an ill-fitting chair and looking at a monitor that is the wrong height will not do your body and fitness any favours at all. Push for regular risk assessments, ensuring that everything is adjusting for you and your needs.

If you are having an office update, push for a desk that can rise and fall, allowing you to walk on the spot whilst working. Additionally, you can even get static exercise bikes that fit under certain desks too, which might be worth investigating.

Use your lunch break

When your workload feels unbearable, it is easy to think that working through your lunch break and finishing a task here and there will help to improve things for you.

This is a false assumption and can lead to much higher stress levels and of course, you will find being active much less achievable, too.

Instead, grab your lunch and head out of the workplace on a short walk. If you find yourself located near a leisure centre or a private swimming pool, why not book yourself a short swim?

If you are only allocated thirty minutes, try asking if you can commence your working day earlier or finish a little later to allow you more time.

Buddy up

Finding a buddy within your workplace to help you stay on track with your activity goals can be helpful. Take breaks, including your lunch, together and this may help you to stay accountable.

It can also prevent activity from being boring and forced. Chatting while you work out or walk can make the time go much quicker.

Keep hydrated

In some workplaces, there is a tendency to drink cups of coffee or tea but avoid water or squash. Try to remain hydrated throughout your working day by increasing the amount of water you drink and lowering your caffeine intake.

This will allow you to be more active by ensuring you feel far more energised. You may even notice an increase in your productivity levels at work!

Increasing your fitness levels, particularly at work, will have huge positive impacts on your life. Making these tweaks into habits will ensure that you stick to your new routine. Good luck with the journey ahead!

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