During the autumn and winter, there’s usually only one thing on my mind: get some nice, thick, warm jumpers, and sit down with a bowl of rich, hearty vegetable soup. Luckily, there are plenty of different types of veg which are in season during the autumn, so let’s talk about a few of my favourite Autumn seasonal vegetables! You might even still get a few seasonal summer vegetables too if it is early autumn.

Pile of large potatoes on white background
Group of potatoes isolated on a white background


Potatoes are in season during quite a few different parts of the year, depending on which variety you’re talking about. The potatoes that are ripe for digging up during the autumn, however, are huge, thick, heavy things that are crying out to be baked!

A baked potato is one of my absolute favourite comfort foods, and it can be served with any number of things! My personal favourite is baked beans and cheese, but another great choice could be tuna and mayonnaise, or even chilli.

In my opinion, if you have beans and cheese the cheese absolutely has to go underneath the beans. Anyone who does it otherwise is really missing out!

potato infographic

The potatoes harvested at this time of year are typically pretty great all-rounders, as opposed to early potatoes, which are best boiled, steamed, or mashed.

The all-around strength of these potatoes means that you can do an awful lot with them, from hotpot to a roast dinner!

Parsnips on a wooden board with a knife
Raw Parsnip on a cutting board, vegetable


Parsnips are a great example of classic root veg that often goes underappreciated. In recent years, more and more people have been happy to start roasting their veg as part of a Sunday dinner, but, in my opinion, there’s no such thing as too much-roasted veg!

Parsnips have always been one of my favourite roasted vegetables and because I love them so much Ben had grown up loving them too!

For a slight variation, you could roast your parsnips with a handful of different green veg, like asparagus or broccoli, and toss with salt, garlic granules, and smoked paprika before serving. It’s a really rich, decadent flavour to accompany a roast dinner.

Wooden box of corn on the cobs
fresh corn in box, on wooden table, on grey background


Sweetcorn is often misconstrued as a summer vegetable, because of the sight of fields full of it on sunny days during car rides to the beach. However, this isn’t the case! It’s actually at its most ripe during the autumn and the end of the summer.

Of course, canned sweetcorn is available year-round, but fresh corn on the cob will be at its best during the autumn.

sweetcorn infographic

Making Mexican Street corn

There are as many ways to make corn on the cob as there are people on the planet, one popular choice is Mexican street corn.

You begin by making up a paste of your spices from butter and roughly equal quantities of each spice.

Then, without removing the outer leaves, slather the butter onto the outside of the corn, seal it in foil, and then put it on the barbecue, turning every few minutes.

After each side has had one to two minutes, simply unwrap the foil, as well as the leaves, and the corn’s there for the taking!

This is a perfect recipe for a big, family barbecue, as you can create these huge stacks of corn and everyone’s free to come and grab a couple.

autumn lights and coffee

Recipes with autumn seasonal vegetables

If you fancy a BBQ this autumn why not check these bbq side dish ideas.

Sweetcorn frittata – uses canned sweetcorn but is delicious all the same.

Gardener’s pie – uses parsnips and potatoes and absolutely delicious.

Taco beef stuffed sweet potatoes

Shepherd’s pie

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Whatever your plans are for this autumn, I hope your soups are delicious, your bread is crusty, and your jumpers are cosy! Why not also check my autumn dating ideas?

Are you looking to get fit this autumn?

Check out some Autumn fruits here. If you are still just in the summer then maybe some seasonal summer fruits are about too?

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