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Do you want to redesign your bedroom on a budget? Trends are ever-changing and the desire to have the coolest, chicest home design is strong.

If you’re anything like us, you’re always watching interior design YouTube channels and awing over the stunning designs. Then, you walk into your own bedroom and are underwhelmed by everything you see.


While the thought of redesigning a bedroom is a ton of fun, once you take an actual look at the cost, that fun can instantly vanish. However, it is possible to redecorate your bedroom on a budget.

Consider these few budget-friendly tips if you want to completely reimagine your space, without making your wallet cry.

5 ways to update your bedroom on a budget

Use What you Already Own

Restoring pieces, you already own is one of the best ways to save big money on a bedroom design. Before buying a new desk chair, consider buying a cover to change the look.

Before buying a new bed frame, consider painting or refinishing your current one! You’d be surprised what small changes you can make to pieces you already have and how they can make a huge impact!

Save on the Big-Ticket Items

If you do need to purchase items that typically come with a steep price tag, save money in any way you can. Look online for cheap dressers that offer free shipping.

Try thrifting with a new bed frame instead of buying a new bed. Buy a “mattress in a box” online that typically comes much cheaper than purchasing from a mattress store. Hit up outlet stores or stores offering big sales.

While you may be able to afford small items full price, those larger items start to add up fast. Saving money, wherever you can, will greatly help you stay within your budget.

Do the Work Yourself

Instead of hiring a painting, flooring, or interior design company, do the work yourself! DIY projects are all the rage nowadays, and it’s easier than ever to complete home improvement work yourself. A simple YouTube search can show you how to use any type of power tool, successfully apply wood stain, or choose the perfect colour palette.

Only buying materials is much more cost-effective than paying someone for their labour, expertise, and the possible mark-up they place on their materials. While it may take hours or even days out of your life, DIYing is a great way to make drastic changes to your bedroom without breaking the budget.

Replace the Décor

It’s awesome how much of an impact décor has on the look of a room. Instead of swapping out all the furniture, consider changing the décor. New pillows and wall art are much cheaper than buying a brand-new bed or dresser. You can often find affordable décor on furniture websites or outlet stores as well. Using a brand like Photowall you can turn a much-loved photo into a poster, canvas or even wallpaper!

Consider Painting

If you really want to make a drastic change, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, painting is the way to go. Even if you change nothing else in the room, painting the walls a brand-new colour will give the whole room a fresh, rejuvenated look. A can of paint is not overly expensive, and if you do the work yourself, with the help of a few friends, you could be saving big bucks!

Making the most of small spaces

Creating your dream cosy bedroom

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