Kitchen gadgets come in all shapes and sizes. I should know – I have a kitchen full! Some are really useful and used regularly others not so much. If you know someone who loves their gadgets as much as I do I’ve compiled a list of novelty gadgets that not only look great but are really useful too.

kitchen with wooden flooring

Chicken Egg Separator

Both cute and practical this egg separator is a must-have for those who don’t like or want to separate eggs with their hands (let’s face it, it feels disgusting). Simply crack an egg into the chicken and pour the whites out leaving the yoke inside the chicken. It can be washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Guitar Shaped Bottle Opener

This 3.5-inch long guitar is the perfect bottle opener for those who love to play the guitar, those who love music or anyone who likes a bottled drink. It’s practical and it looks great. It comes on a keyring so you can be sure it is kept safe with your keys or in a bag if you are travelling.

Rockin’ tongs

Another great music-related gadget is these Rockin’ Tongs from Kikkerland. A great alternative to boring salad dons for a similar price!

Meow Measuring Cups

This set of three measuring cups is just one item in a range of quirky cat (and dog) kitchen gadgets. They’re cute, fun and practical what more could you possibly want?

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

This unique gift is perfect for those who love riding their bike and pizza. It features a durable stainless steel blade in the shape of a bicycle, making it the perfect tool for slicing through even the thickest pizza crusts, bread and cheeses.

Spud Dude Vegetable Peeler

This ‘Y’ shaped peeler is perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables of all sizes. It would make a great Secret Santa gift or a present for those who love quirky gadgets in their home. The Spud Dude handle is comfortable to hold.

Cat Cheese Grater

Made from food-safe silicone and stainless steel this cute black cat grater is purr-fect for any cat lover. This grater can be used to grate cheese, fruits and soft vegetables.

Pancake Mould

Make perfectly shaped pancakes every time with a silicone mould. You can choose from heart-shaped, round, or flower-shaped moulds or even a mould that has a mix of all shapes. The mould makes it easier to flip the pancakes all at once when ready and you could even use it to cook funky-shaped omelettes too.

Garcula Garlic Crusher / Press

Gracula can help save you time in the kitchen when it comes to crushing your garlic, ginger and herbs. This cute, funky little dude is handy all year round, not just at Halloween.

Pasta Pooch Measuring Tool

If you’re a sausage dog lover or just like quirky kitchen gadgets then this spaghetti measuring tool is the perfect gadget for you. Made from 3D-printed plastic this sausage dog will enable you to measure out enough spaghetti for one or two portions at a time.

Unique Google Home Mini / Nest Stand

Although not technically a kitchen gadget if you use a smart device in your kitchen why not jazz it up with a unique and standout holder?  Available in a range of colours this tortoise Google Home mini holder is the perfect gadget for your speaker. It can sit on a shelf, worktop or window ledge and will make your smart device look so much cuter.

Do you have a novelty kitchen gadget? If so, I’d love to hear if it’s great and if you use it all the time or if it’s unless and was a waste of money in the comments below.

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