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Every parent wants their child to be ahead of the game at all times. This applies heavily when it comes to school and academic progress. Not only does it make subjects in school easier to understand, but the pressure of falling behind reduces.

Encouraging children to learn how to code is one of the best ways to support and enhance current learning. Coding brings more than just educational and career benefits.

It develops and builds on skills such as organisation, problem solving and confidence. If you are considering coding lessons for your child but need some more information before you make your final decision, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some tips from a London private school on the benefits of coding lessons for children.

When and why should they start coding?

Children can start coding as young as primary school. Coding is made up of many different elements with the opportunity to learn and practice more complex tasks.

Coding helps with academic performance. Coding enhances learning and can support maths and writing. It can also increase levels of confidence.

How problem-solving is improved by coding

Coding helps with problem-solving. Coding is known to help children visualise concepts that can be viewed in an enjoyable way and allows them to use maths to solve problems in the real world.

It isn’t just about developing a program and being a whizz on the keyboard. It is also about problem-solving using the basics of maths.

Aids with writing skills and creativity. Programming can actually benefit written skills by learning how to develop more concise and structured answers when it comes to the English language.

Analysing their critical thinking, it can lead to simple and efficient decisions being made as well as a more meaningful approach to writing and speaking. It encourages planning, imagining and developing all under one platform.

Coding helps children become more confident. Many parents who have enrolled their children on coding courses have noticed a boost in their child’s confidence.

The ability to learn more in-depth, develop skills they never thought possible and collaborate effectively amongst a group of like-minded people, becomes a recipe for success.

Coding is part of the future. Coding can be seen as the language of the world. With children growing to become pioneers of the future, it is important they get a taste of it from a young age to open their eyes up to the opportunities.

Your child could take these skills on into their adulthood and work on apps and even robots! The options are endless!

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