These unofficial Slimming World turkey mince recipes are great if you are trying to lose weight. More and more people are becoming aware of the effect that eating a lot of red meat can have on both their diet and the environment.

People are beginning to turn towards poultry in its place. Turkey is a great example of a way to replace red meat with white and still maintain a healthy diet.

turkey minced meat

Health Benefits

Turkey mince has many health benefits, especially when compared to beef mince. This is why I know you will love these unofficial Slimming World recipes with turkey mince.

Firstly, the impressive thing about turkey mince is its nutrition density. I know that sounds like a very nerdy term, but bear with me.

It’s a rich source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, and the amino acid tryptophan. These are all things you need in your diet in moderation, so having them in turkey is great.

The thing that sets turkey apart, however, is the fact that it’s very low in fat, relative to other meats. For that reason, it’s particularly excellent as a source of protein.

In a slightly surprising turn of events, it’s actually believed that turkey can improve your mood. The tryptophan that it contains stimulates the release of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter known to improve your overall mood. Tryptophan can also improve the overall function of your immune system, which is sure to cheer you up.

As I said above, turkey is a rich source of vitamin B6. This means that, within your body, it promotes a process known as ‘methylation’.

Through this process, methyl groups are shifted from one molecule to the next. This is an integral part of all cellular processes, from fighting infection through white blood cells to producing ATP to power cellular processes.

Choosing good quality turkey mince

As with the vast majority of foodstuffs, you can get them at whatever supermarket is most convenient for you. There will be a large variation, however.

To ensure you get the best quality turkey mince, you can either approach the deli counter or look for one that’s from free-range turkeys.

Alternatively, you could visit a butcher and ask for a specific quantity. Buying your ingredients in that way means that you’re sure to be getting high-quality meat, while also supporting a small local business.

It’s likely that the butcher knows the turkey farmer, and as such, can attest to its high quality. If it’s your first time cooking with turkey mince, it may be worth making sure to go to a butcher, as they will be able to help you out with handy knowledge about the cooking times and methods that will work best for the mince you’ve bought.

As odd a turn of phrase as it may be, Turkey mince is truly an up-and-coming ingredient in the food world. People are turning their eyes towards the production methods of a lot of their favourite foods, and they’re often displeased with what they see.

Using turkey mince in your day-to-day diet can have huge positive impacts on both the environment and your personal health.

Cooking time

Turkey mince takes just as long to cook as beef mince so you should be just fine cooking it as you are used to with mince.

How can I use minced beef? What about vegetarian mince?

I have a great list of mince recipes suitable for all the family, there is no reason you can not change the mince used in most of them so have a read and see what you think.

Vegetarian or vegan mince is just as good in these recipes too.

Unofficial Slimming World turkey mince recipes

Turkey chilli – using lean turkey mince for chilli is popular and makes it so healthy too.

turkey mince chilli in a white bowl with garlic bread on the side
Turkey mince chilli

Slow cooker stuffed peppers – this is an easy turkey mince recipe all the family will love.

Turkey mince stuffed peppers
Turkey mince stuffed peppers

Turkey and sweet potato stew – a great gluten-free turkey mince recipe.

Turkey keema curry – this spiced turkey recipe could be the perfect healthier Indian curry.

Turkey burgers – healthy turkey burgers are great for children and the whole family will love them. You could even adapt my melt-in-the-middle burgers to use turkey instead!

Turkey burgers on a griddle being cooked.
Turkey burgers

Adapting recipes to use turkey mince

There are so many meals you can easily adapt to using turkey mince. You can make my spaghetti bolognese using turkey instead of beef with the same cooking time.

Spicy meatballs in recipes like Italian meatball soup, Moroccan meatballs or meatball bolognese could just as easily be made using turkey meatball recipes or simply swapping the mince!

Spaghetti and meatballs
Spaghetti and meatballs

If you have enjoyed these unofficial Slimming World turkey mince recipes then you definitely need to check some of my other articles for more healthy recipes.

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Pinterest pin with closeup of turkey mince recipes
Pinterest pin of turkey mince on black surface on grey wooden surface

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