A soup maker is another kitchen gadget that we see many more people embracing. It is a great addition to the kitchen, but you may be wondering whether it is something you really need. After all, it isn’t particularly difficult to create soup on the stove.

However, soup making can be time-consuming, and it can also be quite messy. If you eat a lot of soups, especially as a lunch option, and to use up leftovers in the home, then a soup maker can be a great investment. But what are the benefits of using a soup maker? Let’s discuss why it could be a great addition to your kitchen. 

Butternut squash soup
Butternut squash soup

Minimal stress

One of the main reasons people don’t make soup very often is because there is a lot of pot watching and keeping an eye on things. This isn’t ideal if you can’t be stood at the stove or stay in your kitchen. A soup maker can take away that stress. 

Reduced washing up

A huge advantage to having a soup maker is there is less washing up. You don’t have to be concerned with different pots, and also transferring from pots to blenders, etc. 

Pasta soup
Pasta soup

They can save you money

Making your own soup generally is much cheaper to do than buying a shop-bought tin or carton of soup. A soup make could encourage you to do this more often because of the other benefits mentioned. 

Minestrone soup in a green mug
Minestrone soup

Healthier and taste great

A homemade soup cooked to perfection in a dedicated soup maker will be healthier and taste amazing. There is no need to add anything to it for longevity or shelf life, and you can avoid adding other ingredients such as meats, fats, and dairy. 

Italian meatball soup in white bowl
Italian meatball soup

Reduces waste

There is no doubt that a soup maker can help to reduce waste in your home. It is far easier to put leftover vegetables or ingredients that are past their best into a soup maker and make even just one portion of soup for a meal.

Having a soup maker means it is easier to make small and large batches whereas not using one might mean more hassle. 

Tomato soup in a dark bowl
Tomato soup

Very quick and easy to use

You can have a homemade soup in less than half an hour using a soup maker, whereas doing it on the stove will take longer, not just because of the preparation but also the boiling and cooking time.

They are also very simple to use as it can be as easy as just adding your ingredients and switching on, and then you are done. 

Double soup half red and half yellow`
Double soup of red and yellow peppers

You can make it to your tastes and requirements 

A soup maker can make a soup to your tastes and requirements, whether you want it lumpy or smooth, thick or thin, you can set it to meet your requirements with ease. 

Aubergine soup
Aubergine soup

You know exactly what is in it

Last of all, a huge benefit of homemade soup, in general, is that you know exactly what is in it. There are no additives or additions for taste such as salt.

Butternut squash soup
Butternut squash soup

My soup maker

The soup maker I use is amazing, I wrote a review about it here so do have a read and see if it is the best one for you. On the whole however most soup makers work in a very similar way so don’t worry too much about which brand you choose.

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