This IMO Q4 Pro 2021 budget phone handset was sent to me to try out and share with you however all opinions are my own.

It is a year since I got my latest handset and whilst I love it, it cost me a fortune and I do often wonder how much we are paying for the brand rather than the features! A year or so ago I reviewed the IMO Q4 Pro and it has been a popular review with you readers so I am today sharing the 2021 version of the handset, an upgrade to the original as such.

First Impressions of this budget phone

I was just as impressed when I unboxed the IMO Q4 Pro 2021 as I was when I unboxed the original IMO Q4 Pro. They look very similar and knowing how good the previous model was I was sure this would be just as good.

How easy was it to set up?

The IMO Q4 Pro 2021 phone is really easy to set up. Like any Android, if you have had one before it is easy to link your Google Account and set it up in minutes.

The phone comes with the standard USB cable for charging as was pretty quick to charge and start using.

Features of the IMO Q4 Pro 2021

This phone isn’t expensive but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have lots of good features. In my opinion, they could easily sell the phone for more given the features but they don’t!

The screen is marginally bigger than the original IMO Q4 Pro at 5.5″.

This budget phone comes with an internal memory of 16GB (1GB RAM) and a micro SD slot meaning you can expand the memory by another up to 64GB if you like to save a lot of photos, music etc.

Front and rear cameras mean that you can take selfies easily as well as photos of anything else you fancy and they are just as good quality photos as the ones I shared previously for the original model.

The phone is 4G internet and from what I found seems to get a good signal as the Tesco mobile network works on the same as O2 which is pretty widespread unless you live somewhere on a remote island!

With face unlock as a security feature it is, in my opinion, this budget phone is just as good as some of the more well known handsets.

Any downfalls of the budget phone

The phone does not come with accessories eg headphones like other more expensive phones do but actually, the money saved, if you wish, could be used to buy a nicer set of headphones of your choice anyway!

As it is a less common phone it can be a little harder to find suitable cases or screen protectors but not impossible and there are some on Amazon!

Where to buy the IMO Q4 Pro 2021

The handset is £64.99 from Tesco and there are often offers that mean you can save money if you also top up credit at the same time.

Would I recommend this budget phone?

This is a great phone for a first mobile phone for a youngster who has asked for one for Christmas or perhaps if you are on a budget. It has a lot of amazing features and would be a great surprise for a youngsters first phone without breaking the bank!

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