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I often get messages from people following my blog who ask for easy things to cook. Many people simply do not have the time for hours in the kitchen preparing a meal, others do not feel confident they are competent in the kitchen. Hello Fresh have recently done some research about adults in the UK and their cooking skills and I found the results quite surprising so thought I would share them with you.A pile of different sized red and white onions and garlic

Learning to Cook

Did you do cookery lessons at school? I know I did and I am sure children still do now. What did you learn how to make? Do you remember any of it anymore? I think many children learn to follow a recipe at school but not necessarily cooking skills and maybe this is where the problem lies? Do we teach our children enough about cooking wholesome meals or do we encourage them to pop frozen food in the oven or microwave and make a sandwich?

Something somewhere must be going wrong as the Hello Fresh research found that of 2000 people asked only 73% felt confident chopping an onion! To me this seems crazy. Whilst I know it is often available chopped it is so much cheaper to do it yourself and really is not that hard. Steak on the other hand is harder to cook to perfection and the same research found only 50% felt confident in doing this.

Chopped up boiled egg on grey surface

Simple Skills

In the research it was found the three tasks Brits felt most confident in doing where chopping an onion, boiling an egg and baking a potato. I guess that is something but still there are so many easy meals to make out there. I would say most of my recipes are really simple and don’t require much knowledge at all. Now I do wonder how many people struggle with those. Surely there aren’t that many people who have to survive on prepared meals because they just can not make their own? Are schools or parenting to blame?

The skills the same Brits felt less confident in were, butterflying a chicken, julienne slicing, and peeling ginger. All these I guess are fiddly but really not that hard. If you want tips though pop over to the research and check out how they should be done.

Close up of potatoes

Remembering Recipes

I am not sure how many recipes I have in my head without needing a book. I guess if I was trying to guess it would be around 40. How about you?

A blogging friend Charlie was telling me earlier she is a rubbish cook and I should use her as an example in this post. Yet when I asked her she can think of around 20-30 that she knows by heart.

The Hello fresh research found that only 4 in ten Brits know more than 9 with the average person interviewed knowing six. Charlie felt much better knowing this! How does that make you feel? I know for me it made me realise I am probably a better cook than I give myself credit for.

Hello Fresh have lots of recipes that are easy to follow if you want to add to your repertoire and learn to cook more variety of meals. The research found that the UK’s favourite meals to cook from scratch are sausages and mash, beans on toast and spaghetti Bolognese! Do you feel better than average now? I know I sure do!

Instead of worrying you will get a recipe wrong give it a go and teach your children. With the help of Hello Fresh or my recipes you really can find easy to make meals that are not too hard! Maybe the research done in 20 years time could be different?

A white plate on wooden surface with Malaysian red pepper and chicken curry with pilau rice

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