This cranberry and apple cider vinegar recipe is great for all the family and full of nutrients. It can be made and popped in the fridge to enjoy during the day or drank immediately.

Cranberry juice
Cranberry juice

Why drink cranberry juice?

Do you know that cranberry juice is really good for you and can have so many health benefits? It can help reduce the risk of UTIs and is full of antioxidants.

Do have a look at all the cranberry juice benefits and see how wonderful this juice could be for you.

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Should you drink apple cider vinegar?

Instantly the idea of drinking vinegar seems bizarre, of course, I am not suggesting you drink a bottle neat. That would be silly.

Adding a little apple cider vinegar to drinks can actually be good for you. Using apple cider vinegar in a drink is the best way to drink apple cider vinegar and enjoy it.

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

I must admit when I first discovered how many benefits there are of apple cider vinegar I was surprised. I am sure you will be too.

Many people claim it can do all sorts but the reality is there are only a few things with evidence. It can also be used for cleaning!

Apple cider vinegar is often used to kill pathogens like bacteria. For this reason, some people say it can help with acne.

There are some reports that state apple cider vinegar can lower blood sugar levels and help to manage diabetes. Of course, always get the advice of your doctor before changing anything.

Weight loss can also be improved by adding it to your diet. There are studies that show it can help you to feel full.

They suggest you then eat fewer calories and lose weight. How amazing that cider vinegar can help weight loss.

Cranberry drink
Cranberry drink

Choosing the best apple cider vinegar

If possible, the best apple cider vinegar is one with mother. This gives the vinegar a bit of a cloudy appearance because it includes proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria.

It is often believed that this substance is what makes apple cider vinegar healthy. There is no evidence to support this that I can find.

Some people drink apple cider vinegar mixed with water and honey as a drink. I think this is much tastier and also gives you the benefits of cranberries!


If you love this recipe why not try my cranberry tea recipe or cranberry smoothie recipe too?

Cranberry & Apple cider vinegar

Cider vinegar is said to have health benefits so this lovely drink combines that with delicious cranberry juice.

It is a drink daily recipe, by that I mean there is no reason you couldn’t drink this cranberry juice and cider vinegar every day.

Cranberry drink
Cranberry and apple cider vinegar drink

Other cranberry juice recipes

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Warm Cranberry tea with lemon and ginger

Cranberry juice can also be enjoyed as part of a cocktail in the evening. Have you considered it with gin?

Sea Arch, a gin alternative, has a great recipe for a seaside sunrise cocktail. Using Sea Arch (which tastes very like gin but without alcohol), cranberry juice is topped with clementine and cinnamon tonic.

Cranberry smoothie
Cranberry smoothie
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Cranberry drink

How to make a cranberry and apple cider vinegar drink

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  • Author: Jen Mellor
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 drink 1x
  • Category: Drinks
  • Method: Easy


A delicious cranberry and apple cider vinegar drink to help your body get all the antioxidants it can.



60ml Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

120 ml Cold Water

1 tsp Apple cider vinegar (the one with mother is best)

Juice of half a lemon or half a lime


Pour 120ml of cold water into a glass and add 60ml cranberry juice, cider vinegar and the freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice.

Stir well and serve with a garnish of lemon or lime

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  1. Cider vinegar is one of those things that I buy for one recipe and then never use the rest… although this recipe only contains 1tsp of it, I am certainly not going to be wasting any more vinegar. What a delicious recipe – thank you for sharing!

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