Cranberry juice is tasty but it’s even better as a smoothie. Here are the instructions to make a cranberry juice smoothie in just minutes and why you should!

Cranberry smoothie
Cranberry smoothie

Advantages of a cranberry smoothie

If you are not a big fan of cranberry juice but know you should drink it for its health benefits then this drink could be perfect for you.

Not only does it combine all the goodness of cranberry juice but you also get berries, an apple and a banana so lots of vitamin c and nutrients in addition!

This cranberry smoothie is a great alternative to breakfast if you are someone who would otherwise skip breakfast and it is a perfect pick me up to start the day well.

Why do Slimming World syn smoothies?

Just Average Jen is an independent blog. It is not connected with any weight loss plan. None of the contributors have received training from them or worked for them.

It is the reader’s responsibility to check nutritional values, such as Slimming World syn values and WW points. Additionally, they must check any other allowances, as any given are approximate.

If you follow Slimming World you will know that smoothies are synned on the plan. If I am honest this isn’t something I really agree with for a number of reasons.

Their reasoning behind this is that it is easier to drink all this fruit than it would be to eat it and as such it doesn’t keep you feeling full for as long. On the other hand, I think it wouldn’t be that unusual to eat an apple, a banana and a handful of berries for breakfast and the fruit would be mushed up in your mouth anyway so there is no difference.

The long and short of it is, if you follow Slimming World you should syn this drink, as you should also syn cranberry juice. Whether you do or not though is entirely up to you!

If you are looking for a smoothie blender then here is one not to buy!

Blender with cranberry smoothie inside
Blender with cranberry smoothie

Making smoothies to use up fruit

If you have fruit that you know you will not use, perhaps before going on holiday, why not chop it up and freeze it into smoothie bags to make easy smoothies?

raspberries being poured out of a brown paper bag

Other cranberry recipes

Have you tried my cranberry tea recipe yet? If you love this then you should really give it a go. I also have a cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar drink that you should try too.

Ocean Spray whole berry is a popular brand with lots of different varieties, read my review here.

Cranberry juice
Cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar

Cranberry Smoothie

A cranberry smoothie is perfect to start the day with a boost of energy to get your metabolism going.

Cranberry smoothie
Cranberry smoothie

Other cranberry juice recipes

Cranberry and honey morning refreshing drink

Cranberry and apple cider vinegar drink

Cranberry tea with lemon and ginger

Cranberry juice can also be enjoyed as part of a cocktail in the evening. Have you considered it with gin? Sea Arch, an alcohol-free gin alternative, have a great recipe for a seaside sunrise cocktail using Sea Arch (which tastes very like gin but without the alcohol) and cranberry juice which is then topped up with clementine and cinnamon tonic.

Cranberry tea
Cranberry hot drink

Other cocktails with cranberry juice are available too so why not try them and see how you can build cranberry juice into your diet?

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Cranberry smoothie

Cranberry smoothie

  • Author: Jen Mellor
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 large smoothie 1x
  • Category: Drinks
  • Method: Easy


Cranberry smoothie



500ml Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

1 Peeled and sliced banana

1 apple, washed, cored and cut into wedges

75g mixed frozen berries such as strawberries, blueberries or mixed berries


Pour the cranberry juice into a blender and then add the berries, banana and apple.

Whizz on high power until all combined well and the smoothie becomes a perfect velvet-like texture.

Serve immediately

Keywords: high in vitamin c, cranberry juice

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  1. This was so thirst-quenching! Who knew that cranberries could be so versatile? And I agree with you on the synning of smoothies side of things. Thank you!