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It isn’t often that something is great for supporting you to be healthy over the winter months and also perfect in cocktails, is it? Unfortunately, Vodka doesn’t do that but cranberry juice does!

Ocean Spray Cranberry does though and with all the current concerns over plastic in the oceans, I was pleased to discover their new-look bottles are recyclable too.

They are made from PET which when recycled can be made into a whole host of things such as carpets, clothing and even pillows. So according to Wikipedia you could be sleeping essentially on someone’s old PET drinks bottle! This sort of thing always fascinates me!

two bottles of ocean spray cranberry juice on grey background

Ocean Spray Cranberry and Winter Health

We all know that the antioxidant vitamin c is a great way to boost your immunity over the winter months. If you are not getting enough vitamin c you are much more likely to get ill with every bug your children bring back from school or the person near you in the supermarket has.

Of course, it is not like it completely protects you but it helps and that to me means that I always try to ensure I have plenty of vitamin c throughout the year but especially during cold and flu season!

Cranberries are well known for being very nutrient-dense and low in sugar so a great drink in comparison to fizzy cola etc.

Ocean Spray assures you that their Cranberry Original Juice Drink contains the equivalent of the juice from 50 cranberries per 200ml glass.

I know I couldn’t sit and eat 50 cranberries but a glass of juice I could enjoy easily!

If you are looking to lose weight either now or after Christmas then don’t worry that this rules this juice out. Ocean Spray Original No Added Sugar is just 12 calories for a 150ml glass so not too bad at all.

It is so like the original one you are unlikely to notice any difference so worth giving it a go!

ocean spray cranberry juice bottle and glass

Ocean Spray in Cocktails

That is right, you don’t have to make cocktails just with the simple orange and apple juices, cranberry juice is an option too and not only that but you will still get the benefits above with it.

I wouldn’t go so far as saying a cocktail is healthy but I guess it makes it a little better!

Why not try cranberry and apple cider? This is really easy to make and you could do a similar version for children using a fizzy apple drink instead of cider! It is really easy to make too!

Just fill a glass with ice, add 240ml of Ocean Spray Cranberry Original (the no added sugar version is fine too), top up with 100ml of apple cider and serve with a wedge of lime.

It couldn’t be easier and there you have a cocktail or mocktail the whole family can enjoy!

Another option is the classic cosmopolitan using 125ml Ocean Spray juice drink (again the no added sugar one is fine too), 50ml of vodka and 25ml of Cointreau. Squeeze a dash of lime juice in and stir.

This one obviously is for adults only with no alcohol-free version available I’m afraid.

cranberry juice with cocktail shaker and other cocktail items

Where can you buy Ocean Spray Original Cranberry Juice Drink?

Ocean Spray is available in most major supermarkets however if you are looking for these recyclable PET bottles then you will find them in the chiller cabinets in Asda, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

A one-litre bottle is £2.19 RRP but may have offers now and again too.

two bottles of cranberry juice and a mini shopping trolley

How to have a healthy winter this year

If you are planning how to feel good this winter then you need to add a healthy diet to that. Whether you follow a weight loss plan or just eat a little healthier it should be easy to plan a healthier winter. A few simple swaps like grilled chicken instead of fried chicken could make all the difference.

Soup is always a popular winter meal but not always filling. Pasta soups can help and become a staple on your winter meal plan alongside the classic beef stew.

Are you starting the day with a healthy filling breakfast? Try overnight oats or baked oats for a good start to the day as an alternative to porridge and I am sure you won’t feel hungry until lunch. Why not pop your tea in the slow cooker at the same time as you make breakfast to save time? Most recipes can easily be adapted for the slow cooker.

If you hate meal planning I have winter meal plans that could help you, why not take a look at the warming winter meal plan? If you need a big boost then my syn free meal plan might be perfect too.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on nutrients too with things like cranberry juice drinks and ensuring any recipes you make have plenty of vegetables.

Ocean Spray Cranberry for Winter Health and Cocktails!

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