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Seeing the world is one thing people about a dream about doing more of and fortunately, in today’s ever-shrinking world, international travel is more accessible than ever before. We can buy flights to countries across continents that cost less than a domestic train fare, and we can even get buses to foreign lands. 

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There are so many experiences on offer at incredible prices and the developments of online travel agencies or property portals mean we can stay in fantastic places without breaking the bank.

There is so much to see close to home here in Europe that you don’t need to venture too far, and you can have an incredible adventure. With stunning architecture and art in places like Barcelona, the religious wonders of Vatican City and romance (and food!) in Paris, there is something to suit every kind of traveller even if you are planning to retire abroad.

One thing which is sure to ruin your trip though is getting ill so if you want to ensure your trip goes without issue, take a look at our top tips for staying healthy in Europe.

Personal hygiene

It’s something we practice at home as part of our daily life, but when out of routine, it might become either more challenging or we may forget! Simple acts such as washing your hands can prevent you from becoming infected with one of the germs you’ve picked up so make sure you do it regularly! In the absence of a washbasin, carry some hand sanitiser with you to kill those nasty bacteria instead.

Use your common sense

If an area looks a bit dodgy and you feel unsafe or the taxi you’re in seems to have found itself onto an unregulated race track, get out of there! The British stiff upper lip can sometimes make this a little challenging, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry so trust your gut instinct. This is also true of restaurants and food – if it genuinely doesn’t seem right (rather than just fear of the unknown), give it a miss.

Eat your veg!

Ok, not just veg, you are on holiday after all, but make sure you have some balance in your diet. Loading up with food that isn’t very good for you will make you feel sluggish, could upset your stomach and might also weaken your immune system meaning those bugs could find their way in.

Pop your pills

If you have pre-existing medical conditions, make sure you have all your medication with you and make sure you take them as and when you should. Take any supplements or multi-vitamins you might also find the help you and also remember to bring your contraception, if applicable. If you’re spending a long period travelling, you can pre-order all your medication and anything else you might need for travel from Click Pharmacy

Europe is a place of stunning diversity and culture, so when you’re travelling around, the last thing you want is to be held back by a nasty illness or another ailment. Take care, use your noggin, and you will make the most out of your trip and stay healthy in Europe.

Staying healthy while traveling in Europe

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