Cast iron is by far one of the best investments you can make for your kitchen when it comes to cookware. Not only is cast iron sturdy and likely to last for generations when well cared for but cast iron has so many great uses from stovetop to table allowing you to make the most of your space by reducing how much you need to have in your kitchen for everyday cooking.

cast iron skillets

Ways you can use your cast iron in your kitchen

There are so many ways you can use a skillet in your kitchen so here I wanted to share the most common ways with you.


Cast iron skillets and griddles are great for searing meat, poultry, and fish. The even heat distribution and high heat retention of cast iron make it ideal for achieving a crispy, golden crust on your meats. Remember to use plenty of soil for the perfect sear.


Cast iron skillets are also perfect for sauteing vegetables, such as onions, garlic, peppers, and mushrooms. Cast iron skillets are great at retaining heat and this can help to cook the vegetables quickly and evenly while retaining their flavour and texture.

fajitas served on a skillet


Cast iron skillets are great for frying, such as making fried chicken, doughnuts, or French fries. Cast iron retains heat well, which means that the oil will stay hot and maintain a consistent temperature, resulting in a perfectly crispy, golden exterior.


Cast iron Dutch ovens are perfect for baking bread, casseroles, and other dishes that require long, slow cooking. The heavy lid traps moisture and helps to create a crusty exterior. Cast iron skillets are often used for baking dutch babies which are a pancake-like breakfast perfect for stuffing with fresh fruit.


Cast iron grills are perfect for grilling meat, fish, and vegetables. They create beautiful grill marks and help to retain the natural juices of the food, resulting in tender and flavourful dishes. You can even use a griddle with a grill side for getting those perfectly seared lines without having to cook outside.


Cast iron skillets are great for roasting vegetables in the oven. The even heat distribution helps to cook the vegetables evenly, while the high sides of the skillet help to prevent them from spilling over. Some dutch oven lids have dimples inside the lid that make your dutch oven perfect for self-basting so your roasted meat and vegetables never come out dry.


One of the best parts about cooking with cast iron is that Cast iron skillets, griddles, and Dutch ovens can be used as serving dishes, keeping your food warm and flavorful at the table. They also make for a rustic and charming presentation that is often used by fancy restaurants and catering companies to add a personal touch. Some cast iron skillets and griddles come with wooden trivets but you can use any trevet or even wooden cutting board you have on hand to place your cast iron directly on the table while still steaming hot.

When looking for cast iron cookware look for versatile pieces like reversible griddles to help make the most of your space and allow you to do more with your cast iron. With the proper care your cast iron will be one of the best investments, you have made for your kitchen.

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