When you look to change to a vegan lifestyle, one of the first things you need to consider is the vegan substitutes you can make for your favourite food. Here are some great ideas for you.

Vegan carrot soup
Vegan carrot soup

Changing to a vegan lifestyle

Many people are embarking on a vegan lifestyle. There is so much more information surrounding the benefits of a plant-based diet and it is much more than just the foods you eat.

It isn’t an easy transition to make, especially if you have been a meat eater or haven’t particularly thought about your choices when it comes to the clothes you wear and even the drinks you have on a night out.

Taking small steps and being knowledgeable about a vegan diet can help you to make that change.

Some would say it is a healthier lifestyle choice, and others feel strongly about the positive environmental impact it can have. 

However, there is one thing that has given people an obscure misconception when it comes to a vegan diet and perhaps see it in a negative way.

That is the vegan alternative to some of the foods and drinks you might enjoy right now. But I wanted to celebrate some of the best vegan substitutes that you are going to love. 

Cheese slices


Jackfruit has a sweet flavour and the texture is very similar to that of a mango. However, this is a vegan substitute that is often used in savoury dishes.

Jackfruit infographic

In particular, it is a vegan alternative to a meal like pulled pork. This is because of the texture, more so than the flavour. But the jackfruit does work well when it comes to savoury dishes and flavours. 

BBQ Jackfruit
BBQ Jackfruit

The milk substitutes

Milk was often something people missed when it came to a vegan diet, but actually, there are some incredibly tasty milk substitutes.

You can purchase a wide variety of nut milk including almond milk, which is perfect in coffees or as part of a balanced breakfast.

There are also other milk options like oat milk, which many people love to drink. Coconut milk is perfect for savoury meals. 

Almonds on table and in a white bowl next to a bottle of almond milk
Almond milk


Tofu is an incredible ingredient and will become a big staple in a vegan diet. It is a soy-based ingredient that can take on so many different flavours.

It works well in different dishes and is one of the most favourable vegan substitutes.

These days there are so many great recipes to use tofu, and you will find that it is an easy option to use when you are unsure of what to cook. 

marinated tofu in a bowl


Chickpeas are the ingredient that keeps on giving. You can get dried chickpeas that can be a great source of protein and used in savoury dishes like curries or stews.

They are also a great ingredient for salads in the summer.

chickpea infographic

However, tinned chickpeas will give an extra level of usage. The water that the chickpeas are in can be whisked up and used as an egg white substitute for baking and things like mousses.

It is a versatile ingredient that can be used in so many ways. You are going to love it. 

chickpeas in a bowl
Bowl of chickpeas

Coconut cream

Coconut cream is a great substitution for things like single cream or double cream which you may use in pasta sauces.

Coconut cream has a little sweetness making it ideal in sweet dishes and desserts, but it can also be added to savoury dishes, especially things like curry.

If you have any recipe that requires double cream as a creamy sauce base, then this could be an excellent substitution to use and will pack a punch in flavour. 

coconut cream

Vegan cheese

Vegan cheese hasn’t always been the favourite of vegan substitutes. People who enjoyed cheese before embracing the vegan lifestyle often found it hard for the texture, consistency and flavour to shine through.

However, there are many more brands available now, and the began cheese has improved. You can get vegan cheese spread as well as vegan cheese that melts really well for things like ban burgers.

It really has changed a lot over the years so is well worth trying as I am sure it will become a vegan substitute that you will love. 

violife slices

Nutritional yeast

Are you looking for a vegan substitute that will reflect that bubbly yellow cheese on the top of pasta bakes? Or to help add that cheesy flavour to a vegan cheese sauce?

Then nutritional yeast is going to be a vegan substitute that you will love. It is a flaky golden-coloured food that can be used in many ways. Its power is its strong flavour. 

I hope this has given you plenty to think about when it comes to trying and embracing some of the very best vegan substitutes available.

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