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I have been a vegetarian since I was 10 years old and have considered becoming vegan, although I’ve not made that move yet. I am very aware of how difficult people find catering for vegans and vegetarians who visit over Christmas. Due to this, I wanted to share with you some great products I have found.

wicked products on shelves in supermarket

What is the Wicked Range?

The above photo of the new Wicked Kitchen Range was taken in a large Tesco store whilst I was in Manchester for the weekend.

I don’t often shop at Tesco as it isn’t the closest supermarket chain to my house but after discovering this range I am going to be shopping at Tesco more often as it isn’t too far to drive! And it’s worth it!

The Wicked Range is a plant-based range and is vegan which means that it is made without any animal products. I did note however if you are a vegan who avoids palm oil you should check as some of the products list it in the ingredients.

I was thoroughly impressed with the range and it would be perfect for anyone buying for vegan or vegetarian guests over Christmas.

There is a good variety so perfect for buffets or main meals. None of them sound bland at all which is good as I find that so many vegan options can be quite dull.

All the rage rolls

My thoughts on the Wicked Range

Over the weekend we were staying in a hotel and eating out a fair bit but wanted to minimise how much we spent.  So, in order to save money, we bought some of our meals from the supermarket.

I tried the All The Rage Rolls from the Wicked range along with the Curried Cauli Pasty (which I forgot to photograph!). Both were amazing and so tasty.

In my eyes these vegan products beat the usual vegetarian choice of a cheese and onion pasty and, of course, give a choice that is suitable for vegans too.

Vegan food doesn’t have to mean it is just for vegan visitors either. These were so good I am sure most people would enjoy them. With pizzas, pasta and rice dishes, amongst other things, there really is something for everyone.

Not to mention that you may find something that even the biggest meat eater enjoys! The prices were pretty good too so definitely worth a look to see what takes your fancy.

I love the sound of the Turmeric, Cauliflower and coconut bites along with the smoked carrot celebration sandwich which is launched nicely in time for Christmas.

Don’t worry though, it isn’t all savoury foods. There are some delicious-looking desserts too with a red velvet brownie and charred pineapple dream cake added to the selection!

This range shows that vegan food doesn’t have to be boring, it doesn’t have to be bland and it doesn’t have to be completely separate.

Other people can enjoy vegan choices on their buffet or dinner plate this Christmas. Veganism is becoming more and more accessible. There is such a good variety of vegan options out there. If you are thinking of doing Veganuary what’s stopping you?

Where and when can you buy them?

There is a huge range available now with some items from Wicked available on Tesco Groceries for home delivery but, as I found, there is a good range in stores too. As with anything new you are likely to get the bigger range in the larger stores but I am sure they will soon be popular and rolled out to more stores. Some of the food-to-go range (sandwiches, salad boxes, etc) is also stocked in some Tesco Express stores too.

The items can be found in the chilled area of the UK supermarket. I took the photos above so you could see exactly how they look on the shelves to help you find them easily! I am definitely going to try more of the range. If you try any you love do comment below! The red velvet brownie will definitely be making the list!

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