Do you struggle to keep on track with your weight loss and exercise and need a bit of support from a distance? I know many of you say you want to do things in your own home and in your own time. This is why I love the sound of the programme from Meera’s made from scratch.

What is Meera’s made from scratch?

Meera’s made from scratch is a health and wellbeing site by a lady called Meera who can not eat dairy or wheat but still eats healthy varied food. She is passionate about helping others live healthy lives too and shares recipes, sells her own food products and runs programmes to support others.

One of the programmes Meera runs is for women approaching or going through menopause teaching you how to manage your fitness and nutrition through this period to be happy, healthy and confident.

The Monthly rolling plan is for anyone of any age looking for help with their health and fitness journey. The programme includes 13-14 live exercise sessions a week including HIIT and resistance training delivered by experts. If you are unable to make the live sessions recordings are available. It also includes new recipes regularly. The cost of this is £49 a month.

Why choose the monthly rolling plan?

Now you know what the plan includes I want to share why I think this is a great idea.

I love that the exercise is all done online with so much variety in weekly sessions to choose from but done in the privacy of your own home! Perfect for people who are shy, don’t have childcare or work shifts.

Regular new recipes are great to keep you motivated so I think this is helpful for anyone who struggles and gets bored easily with the same foods.

Most programmes you pay for are either exercise or healthy eating. This seems a perfect combination of both for one price which works out at around £1.61 a day.

What you can win

This giveaway is to win a membership for 3 months of the rolling plan. Imagine where you could be in three months if you start soon?

Are you working towards an outfit or bikini in the summer or perhaps just long term health? Whatever your goal this three-month membership might be the kickstart you need.

How to enter

It is really easy to enter by simply clicking into the widget below and following the entry options available. Once you have completed the first ones, others then become available to you to earn extra entries!

Win a 3-month membership to Meera’s made from scratch rolling membership for health and fitness

Terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions are available in the widget above for the giveaway.

Uk entrants only.

The winner must be 18+.

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  1. Planning. I think it takes so much planning. There is the need to plan meals, snacks and exercise and often I run out of steam planning and then get bored.