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Vitamin B12 is a lesser-known vitamin than some of the other ones we might take regularly like Vitamin D or Vitamin C. However, for a little background, it is one of the B vitamins and it plays a vital role when it comes to the functioning of our bodies. B12 is a nootropic i.e., a natural supplement that supports brain health and can boost alertness. 

It is one of the most important vitamins that help fight fatigue and keeps our bodies blood and nerve cells healthy when it comes to producing DNA. But, do you have enough of it in your system daily? The chances are you don’t!

How do you know if you are lacking in Vitamin B12? 

There are some signs that you could be lacking in Vitamin B12 and some of them you may even make excuses for. However, taking a supplement and increasing your levels could help you to feel better. Here are some of the signs to look out for:

  • Are you feeling extreme tiredness? This is where you feel exhausted and there is no genuine reason for it such as exercise, lack of sleep etc. 
  • Lack of energy. We can all feel low on energy from time to time, but are you consistently feeling a bit run down and have no energy to do even basic tasks?
  • Feeling faint. This is a sign that we may make an excuse for or find another reason for the feeling, but it can be linked to low amounts of Vitamin B12 in your diet. 
  • A pale yellow tinge to your skin. A less common symptom but one you might start to notice if you are not getting enough in your system. 
  • Sore red tongue. Again another less common symptom, but something to keep in mind if you start to feel any discomfort in your mouth. 
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What can Vitamin B12 do for you?

If you think you are struggling with any of these symptoms then you should contact your doctor where a blood test can check your levels quite easily. However, you can take supplements of Vitamin B12 or get Vitamin B12 injections which could help to improve things. Here are some of the benefits you may have if you take vitamin B12:

Increases energy

Taking a supplement of Vitamin B12 will help to increase the production of red blood cells, which is what is needed to carry oxygen around the body. Oxygen then travels to essential parts of your body like your heart, the lungs, and your brain.

The more your body is thriving, the more energy you have. If there is less oxygen in your body, then it can mean you feel tired and lethargic. 

Helps with digestion

Vitamin B12 is not usually linked to digestion, but it can help your digestive system to absorb macronutrients. Certain things in your foods, such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates, are where you can get some of your energy from.

Vitamin B12 can help the digestive system to extract those essential nutrients from your food which can be turned into energy. If you don’t have enough B12 in your system, these vital nutrients may not get absorbed as much as they should be.

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Helps with stress levels 

Vitamin B12 can also help when it comes to the nervous systems in your body and the way you experience emotions.

Many people struggle with anxiety or stress in their lives, and it can lead to other issues such as depression and for you to struggle with mental health. Tiredness and no energy can also play a part.

Increasing your intake of Vitamin B12 can help this part of your body to reduce those feelings of stress and anxiety. Which could help in other areas of your life. 


Why should you take a vitamin B12 supplement?

We all know that we can’t always get what we need from the food that we eat. You may do your best to have a balanced diet, but often a bit of extra help is needed to ensure that you get all of the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to function.

Fortified cereals often have some of the vitamins and minerals you need but do you have those every day? Do you eat enough to get the nutrients? Sometimes it is easier to take a supplement and be sure you are getting enough.

Why you should try a Vitamin B12 oral spray

Taking a supplement for Vitamin B12 as part of a morning or evening routine is really easy, especially with a vitamin B12 spray. B12 is difficult to absorb through the gut so an oral spray also means you are sure that not only are you taking the recommended daily amount but also that your body is actually absorbing this amount!

An oral spray also has the advantage that it can be taken at any point throughout the day and even kept in your handbag for handy use whenever it suits you. Each dosage of the BetterYou B12 oral spray (4 sprays) delivers 1200μg of vitamin B12 so it is a really easy way to ensure you have enough B12 every day.

Check out the BetterYou Vitamin B12 daily oral spray here.

Hopefully, this has made you more aware of the benefits of having the right amount of Vitamin B12 in your system.

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When taking vitamins, it is important to use a 7 Day Pill Case because they are easy to store and handle compared to other types of packaging like bottles or boxes which can be bulky. Additionally, if you need to travel with your vitamins, pill cases are more convenient to bring and store than other types because they do not require special handling procedures such as rinsing before use.

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