Autumn is here and let’s face it some days it is too warm to get outside and workout, others are miserable and rainy. That doesn’t mean that you have to forego your exercise routine altogether though. Here are some tips for indoor workouts, so you can stay fit and exercise indoors.


Workout videos or apps

Workout videos or fitness apps with workouts built into the platform are a great way to stay in shape and learn some new exercises all from the comfort of your living room.

If you don’t have any workout videos at home, you can easily find free or very inexpensive ones on YouTube, and subscription sites like Amazon Prime.

Most of these workouts require little to no equipment and they are inexpensive enough that you can purchase a few of them to rotate to keep you from getting bored. 

Build a home gym

If you have a treadmill, weight machine, or exercise bike at home that’s great. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to build a home gym though.

Look for second-hand fitness equipment at car boot sales, on Facebook marketplace, or online on other selling sites such as Gumtree where the prices will be considerably less than buying new. 

You can also build your home gym for indoor workouts with a skipping rope, stability ball, kettlebells, hand weights (dumbbells), and resistance bands.

You can find all of these items quite easily for less than £25 each. Having these simple items at home means that you can get a full-body workout to exercise indoors. 

Have a dance party

Just because it’s too warm or cold to exercise outside comfortably doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a great workout. Clear out some space, put on your favourite dance tunes, and turn the stereo up.

Dancing is a great way to burn off some calories, and it releases endorphins to make you feel good too! I love using Amazon Music so I never get bored of any tunes I put on. They have a 30-day free trial so you can see what you think without paying a penny!

Get your housework done

Most people don’t think of getting their housework done as a workout, but it certainly can be. Make a few extra trips up the stairs when you are doing the laundry.

Do some squats or lunges while you are unloading the dishwasher. How about some calf raises while you are washing the dishes or standing at the stove cooking dinner?

Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, and even dusting are all burning calories, especially if you add a few extra moves in when you are doing them. 

The best exercises at home

You may be wondering what kinds of exercises you can easily do indoors at home so let’s go over a few.

The great thing about all of these exercises is that there are different variations of them so that you can work different muscle groups with a similar exercise.

If you aren’t sure about these variations a simple internet search will show you how to do them differently. 


Crunches can be done pretty much anywhere you can lie down flat. Simply bend your knees, put your fingers interlocked behind your neck, and crunch away! 


Lunges can also be done pretty much anywhere so a perfect exercise indoors, and you can always grab the back of a chair if you need a little extra support for balance. Place one hand on the back of the chair, lunge forward and then return to your starting position. 


Planks also don’t take up much space, as long as you have room to lie down on the floor you are good to go. 


Squats can also be done anywhere that you happen to be. All you have to do is stand up with your legs hip-width apart, squat slowly, and then return to your starting position.

Working out consistently is the most important aspect of maintaining and improving your health. Just because it is too cold or even too warm to get out today, doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great indoor workout without ever leaving home.

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