It is a fair few years since I stopped breastfeeding but I am often asked how easy losing weight while breastfeeding is. I thought this would be a great post to share with you. Of course, everyone is different but maybe this will give you some inspiration. If you are planning to breastfeed but have not had the baby yet these tips should help with feeding too.

On Slimming World they advise extra healthy extra a choices whilst breastfeeding. The amount extra depends on the age of your baby and if you are exclusively breastfeeding so if you are in a group the consultant can help you with that. There are so many calories burned while breastfeeding you need to be sure you are eating enough.

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Kate’s losing weight while breastfeeding story

Before I fell pregnant with my eldest daughter I was a total gym bunny. I worked out four or five times a week, going to spinning classes two mornings a week, and also weight lifting and swimming. I was very fit and conscious of my health and weight.

The irony is that I was always trying to shift the last half a stone – until after my daughter was born when it fell off me. I know a lot of people will be cursing their screens as they read – sorry – but I’m one of those very annoying people who, just like Kate Middleton, have not had to try to lose the baby weight.

I’ve had two children now and I’m still smaller than before I fell pregnant with my first. I attribute my very great fortune in large part to breastfeeding. I’m very lucky that it’s not been an effort for me, especially considering my (poor) diet since and the fact that I’ve never (yet) made it back into a gym.

Being mindful of what I eat

I’m finally just beginning to notice that I have to be a little mindful of what I’m eating and my youngest turned two in June. I still nurse her which definitely helps – it can burn around 500 calories per day whilst breastfeed exclusively (obviously not the case for me now!). But for the most part, I’m able to eat whatever I want and not worry too much.

I would just add that although I’ve not made it back to formal exercise (aside from recently taking up yoga once a week). However, I do walk a lot. I also eat lots of vegetables every day… But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also eat lots of cake – I totally do. I enjoy my diet and consume way more sugar than I’d ever condone my girls having! It’s what keeps me sane during these sleep-deprived years and I won’t deprive myself right now.

When the time is right and the girls sleep through the night more often than not, I’ll definitely make improvements to my diet and attempt to exercise more too. Modelling a healthy lifestyle for my girls is really important to me – I want them to grow up with a positive attitude to body image.

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