For children age 3+ it can sometimes be challenging to buy them a gift, especially if you don’t spend much time with them or they have lots of things already. Here are some lovely ideas for gifts for young children aged 3 to around age 8-10, depending on development and interest.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that this guide includes items I’ve been paid to feature, PR samples, and affiliate links that earn me a commission. All opinions are my own, and I wouldn’t include anything I don’t think would make an awesome gift for someone. Jen x

Something to eat

Swizzels tubs.

When looking for something sweet for youngsters don’t forget it doesn’t just have to be chocolate! Keep an eye out in the supermarkets for these Swizzels tins for a nice change.

Play in Choc toy and chocolate set.

If you want to buy chocolate but limit the amount you buy or need a chocolate which is suitable for allergens then Play in Choc might be perfect. PLAYin CHOC is a unique gift idea with each box containing two chocolates and a little puzzle. The set is 6 boxes in for £13.50. A fun and tasty gift for the little one who loves chocolate and little puzzles! Check out the PLAYin CHOC website for more details and to buy.

Nomo selection box.

If you are looking for something edible for a child with allergies, then look out for the Nomo products. I love Nomo chocolate and despite it being vegan and free from, it tastes just like regular chocolate! This selection box is just £4 on the Nomo website. The Nomo range can usually be found in the free-from area of the supermarket or a specific Christmas aisle. I also found a similar box on Amazon if you prefer to shop here.

Character gifts

Super Mario mega mushroom plush toy.

These large plush toys would make an amazing gift for Super Mario fans. They are around 40cm tall and perfect for kids of all ages (advisory of 4+ years) and are so cute and soft that I want them for myself. This Super Mario™ Mushroom Mega Plush is £34.99 from Amazon.

Super Mario Kirby mega plush toy.

Another great Super Mario gift is this Kirby Mega plush. It stands at around 40cm tall, like the mushroom above, and is £44.99 from Amazon.

Gabbys dollhouse cupcake maker

Young fans of Gabby’s Dollhouse might like this cupcake maker so they can make cupcakes like Gabby does. It is suitable from age 3 and is just £15.99 from Card Factory so easy to pick up at the same time as your family’s Christmas cards and wrapping paper!

Are you looking for a gift for a Smurfs fan? Smurfs Learn and Play is a cute learning game on Nintendo Switch and is currently on offer for just £4.49. The Smurfs: Learn and Play will help the youngest to acquire basic knowledge, as well as motivate them to study more. It will teach you writing, reading a clock and many more. All this in the lovely company of the Smurfs!

Their main present or big present

kids scooter.

Would your child like a scooter for Christmas? A great place I have found with a variety is Skates where this scooter is from. This stunt scooter is £98.95 but there are so many prices and designs you can find something to suit any scooter-loving child!

Hape Castle escape toy

This Hape Quadrilla set is a Marble Run construction wooden Castle Escape. It is great for any age 4-99 and is both a fun and an educational toy in one. A toy with endless possibilities that will keep them busy away from screens it is definitely one to be a firm favourite and keep them busy Christmas day! Buy it directly from Hape for £84.99.

Hape childrens wooden workbench in a carry case.

Another great toy from Hape is this Vehicle Service and Repair Workbench which is perfect for any budding young mechanic or child who just wants to help with DIY as it gives them a safe way to play with tools and have fun whilst learning and developing. It is perfect for families without much space as it easily fits into a carry case for easy storage when they are busy playing with something else. The set is definitely one for a main present as it is £99.99 from Hape but it is well made so will last years and can easily be handed down to younger siblings in time!

Puro headphones for kids.

Looking for headphones perfect for children? The Puro Sound Labs BT2200-Plus headphones are amazing for kids and teens as they are wireless, have sound limiting and are designed with kids’ ears in mind. Check them out on Amazon for £80 if they might be the right gift for the child or teen you are buying for.

Voxblock audiobook player with three book blocks.

For younger children who love books but are not able to read themselves then how about audiobooks? They aren’t easy for young children to work without gadgets that easily get broken or also have games on, well that was before Voxblock! Voxblock is an amazing screen-free and Wi-Fi-free audiobook player for kids that they can easily change stories themselves on. It is aimed at Children 3-12 years and a starter pack such as this costs £59.99, additional book blocks are available from £5.99 each.

An activity gift

Plus Plus tubes of pieces to build.

These Plus Plus tubes are great to keep kids busy. There are hundreds of small jigsaw-shaped pieces to build, stick and construct with, and there are endless possibilities of what they can make with them. There are many different tubes available in different colours for around £11.99 a tube. For perspective, these tubes are around 30cm tall, and the pieces are around the size of a pound coin.

idoodle drawing board for kids.

Made by John Adams, the iDoodle drawing board is a classic toy all kids will love, they can draw and stamp again and again and keep erasing it to start again. If you are buying for a youngster who doesn’t have anything like this then this is the perfect gift for those aged three and above. It is available from Smyths and Amazon for around £17.99.

For children aged 5+, how about a Simbrix set? Using tiny pieces, they can assemble and connect to make little pictures. Similar to toys like Aqua Beads and Hama Beads but better as they don’t need water or an iron! This also means they are reusable and can be broken up and rebuilt as often as they choose. This Simbrix set in a carry case is £30 from Hobbycraft but also on their 3 for 2 offer!

Hey doodle colouring mat in a dinosaur design

HeyDoodle colouring mats make a great gift for a youngster if you want to buy something they will love! It is a reusable silicone mat that can colour and wipe off time and time again. HeyDoodle mats are available from HeyDoodle for £21.99 each.

Hey Doodle story book.

Like the mats above, this erasable silicone storybook is lovely for children to colour and wipe clean to recolour another day! This book is one of three available and costs £24.99 from Hey Doodle.

Toys and Games

Lite-Brite Touch is a fun game for kids and they can either make patterns or play games and it charges by USB so no batteries are needed! They press the buttons on the light board and watch as they light up. Keep pressing to change their colours as you create new pictures! The Lite-Brite toy also comes with fun and addicting games to play. Available for £39.99 from Very.

Funghi frankie toy.

Fungi Frankie is a fun interactive toy for kids. It plays music, repeats what you say and dances all getting kids giggling and enjoying a simple but fun toy. Available at WHSmith.

I love the ToucanBox gifts, they are great for kids who love to craft and a perfect low-cost gift that has all they need in one pack. Aimed at children aged 3-8 this personalised stocking kit is great to help a child’s fine motor skills by using wool to create pom poms and a glittery initial. The pack can be seen below.

This lovely Christmas craft features fuzzy felt decorations and glitter glue for a sparkly seasonal stocking! The kit is £12.95 from ToucanBox and if they enjoy this you could even consider a subscription gift for them.

Fiesty pets toy.

Fiesty Pets are cute and cuddly on the outside but when you squeeze them their angry self comes out. A fun toy for ages 5+ will pull funny faces and act fiesty! A very different toy to the usual happy interactive toys but fun all the same! If this is the perfect gift for your youngster then it is available from Amazon for £21.99 but is often on offer.

Diggy the dog game.

Diggy The Dog is a fun children’s game that involves taking it in turns to bury items in the game for the dog to dig up. A simple but fun game ideal for kids aged 4 and above. It is available from Amazon for £21.99 but currently on offer for £18.75.

Something to wear

Childrens Helly Hansen green fleece and rainproof reversible coat.

Clothes make a great gift for little ones, and this cute fleece and green coat is no exception. The coat is reversible too, so they have two coats in one, which given how long clothes fit youngsters, is a great touch, I think. From Helly Hansen, this coat is available in multiple colours and sizes for £65.

Dinosaur slippers.

These cute little slippers are from the range at Startrite shoes with a variety of other cool animals available too. They are suede slippers with a faux fur lining and I think they would make both a useful and amazing gift for any youngster who is dinosaur-mad. They are £26 a pair and available online only in a variety of children’s sizes.

kids dino backpack.

This LittleLife dinosaur backpack would make such a cool gift for a dinosaur-mad little one. It includes built-in reins so that an adult can keep them safe whilst they toddle around being a dinosaur and carrying their favourite bits to nursery! This backpack is £19.99 from LittleLife and is suitable for ages 1-3, there is also a larger similar one for slightly older children on the website and many other equally fun designs if you are buying for a little one who loves something different.

Something to read

Baller Boys book.

Baller Boys vs The Bulldozers is a great book for young football-loving children. It follows two boys who are in their local football team and the lives they live, the adventures they face and the important question of who will be awarded baller boy of the season! Buy it from Amazon or Waterstones for £6.50.

Book entitled "Have you seen the New Forest Unicorn?".

A lovely children’s book perfect for lovers of horses and unicorns where children follow the journey of 6 new forest ponies looking for a unicorn. A lovely story that I think would be great before bed. Buy it from Amazon or Waterstones for £9.99.

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