I love a bargain and if something is on offer I buy lots then think about how to incorporate them into meals. Equally, if you get fruit and veg boxes delivered sometimes you can be stuck for what to make if you are sent lots of a particular item. Today I want to share with you some mushroom recipes with lots of ideas to use up mushrooms.


How to make mushrooms last longer

If you want to make them stay fresh for longer there are a few simple things you can do. Of course other than bulk cooking recipes with mushrooms!

Ensure they are not wrapped in any cellophane or plastic. This encourages them to sweat and expire more quickly.

Store them in a paper bag, this allows them to breathe and not sweat.

Store them in a cool dark place, the fridge is perfect but a cool larger cupboard can work as well in many cases.

If you can not use them all in time then drying mushrooms means they can be used another day, week or even month for something.

Health benefits of mushrooms

There are so many health benefits of mushrooms you should really consider eating them more often. They are full of nutrients and not just a basic funghi that many people avoid. Read all the health benefits of mushrooms here.

Mushrooms recipes – where mushrooms are just one ingredient

If you just have a few mushrooms to use up these recipes may be just what you are looking for. If you have lots to use up then you may prefer to look at the selection below.

Mushroom recipes to use up lots of mushrooms

These mushroom recipes use mushrooms as one of the main ingredients are great when you want to use up lots of mushrooms!

Have these recipes with mushrooms given you some new ideas? Do comment with your favourites below.

Why not even grow your own mushrooms!

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  1. I have 2 large bags of mushrooms in the freezer that I need to use up (bought like that not frozen myself) so I will be putting some of these recipes to good use. Thanks