It would probably surprise you to learn that a barbecue is hands down one of the best ways to cook in order to eat healthily but we all overlook it because of juicy burgers and fat-filled sausages. Actually, you can really take advantage of fatty cuts of meat that will taste scrumptious but be much lower in fat than overcooking methods, or you can completely avoid that and go for yummy lean food too. I am going to discuss all the ways in which the barbecue doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure!

Burger in a sesame bun with a bowl of chips on the side.

Chicken breast on a charcoal barbecue

One of the toughest things to cook, and not just on the barbecue is chicken breast. It’s just far too easy to overcook and leave it dry and rubbery in texture. If you cook chicken breast just right though it can be juicy and you just can’t beat the smokey edge a charcoal barbecue gives chicken breast. For a BBQ carnivore style be sure to get plenty of meats with very little visible fat to be healthiest. The simplest way to cook it is with a meat thermometer and don’t take any chances, make sure your chicken breast is 165 degrees Fahrenheit as the government food safety guide us. With all the recent scandal of chickens in most high street supermarkets being diseased, please don’t take any chances at all, enjoy the meat at the perfect temperature, but don’t push it.

With all of the advice on chicken safety out the way, it can be enjoyed with a beautiful salad and dressing. Either way, you look at this meal, it forms the ideal basis for a calorie-controlled diet, or as a light snack on a Ketogenic diet. However, you prefer to lose weight this tasty treat will work!

Burgers and Kebabs on Barbecue Grill

Sausages on a BBQ

Most sausages cook well on a barbecue so the best choice is whichever ones you usually enjoy.

Check this post for all the lowest syn sausages and both meat and vegetarian to keep you on plan!

raw sausages
Raw meat sausages isolated on white background

It doesn’t have to be meat on the barbecue

Two things that have struck me on the barbecue over the recent summers, one being we don’t grill fish on the barbecue enough because it is delicious, but also, it’s extremely healthy already and the barbecue just accentuates that.

The other great thing is mushrooms and corn on the cob slowly cooked on the grille. The corn takes on a lovely sweetness from being charred and lightly salted. You can add a dob of butter to really make it special but we are trying to be healthy in this post. Mushrooms cook beautifully with or without butter. Personally I prefer without and to let them really dry out from the heat. This intensifies the flavour and if you liked mushrooms cooked normally, you’ll love them even more on the barbecue!

Do you like it spicy?

One great way to add huge flavour for very little calories is chilli. If you like a kick then you can substitute a homemade chilli sauce for barbecue sauce or ketchup. If you’re feeling brave then this chili list will blow your socks off. We warned it will leave you sweating and grabbing at a glass of water. I suppose that would be very handy for weight loss as well and good to kick start the metabolism!

I hope you liked my ideas but if all else fails I suppose we could just go for a sneaky bit of belly pork when no one is looking 🙂 At least we can feel better knowing belly pork is best cooked on the barbecue for our health because a great deal of fat is cooked off.

stay healthy with a barbecue this summer

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