This article includes links I have been paid to include but all information is suggestions from me to help the elderly during the lockdown.

I fall into the extremely vulnerable category during the pandemic and as such have a letter saying I need to be shielding. My asthma is quite severe and regular readers may well know I was in hospital quite poorly with it over new year so I really hope I can stay safe and not get this. I am lucky though, I have Stuart and he can go out when needed and I am managing well to order shopping online. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for the elderly or those who live alone.

Doctor holding a senior patients' hand on a walking stick
Doctor holding a senior patients’ hand on a walking stick

Tips to help someone elderly

If you have an elderly neighbour then these ideas might help you if you have not thought of them already. A great way to communicate with them is to put a note through their door and let them know if they need anything to leave a note on their door the following morning (or whenever suits) and you will pop and get it. This prevents them from having to leave their house.

Are their mobility and home aids working correctly?

Check all their equipment is working ok, perhaps a note through the door asking how they are and if you know they have a stairlift, for example, checking all is well with that. They may be worried about calling someone out and this might reassure them it is essential. Alternatively, they may feel comfortable to leave you a note saying otherwise and you may be able to seek help for them. Parts can be easily bought at places like Fenetic Wellbeing.

Do they have less regular shopping?

If they are used ton going shopping every few days for fresh bread or milk perhaps you can help out with this. Some elderly people struggle to lift large bottles of milk so bear this in mind.

Look after their garden

If you have a neighbour who usually looks after their garden but perhaps is afraid to go out as they are vulnerable perhaps you could do this for them. It would not take long to cut their grass as well as yours but may give them a nicer view from the window than an overgrown garden.

Offer to go to the postbox

When you go on a walk or go shopping do you go near a postbox? A simple note through the door to let your neighbour know that on certain days you can easily post anything for them may be appreciated. This could be a way they communicate with friends or family and maybe a bit of a lifeline for them.

Take them a gift

Could you pick them up some flowers when you are out perhaps? It may be a lovely touch to help brighten their day. I can only imagine it must be very lonely not able to go out and no family to talk to easily.

Do you have any other suggestions? I love these ideas from a fellow blogger, why not take a look and see who you can help.

Pinterest pin of young hand holding older persons hand grasping walking stick

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