My latest Aldi bargains – the taste test!

I love Aldi but because there are some branded items I prefer I tend to not shop there as often as I should. This summer however I have decided I need to shop there more and save money on our food. I do lots of smaller shops throughout the week but need to start doing a couple of bigger shops instead. Not only will this save me money but it should also help me to eat healthier as there are less options for temptation. I do all the cooking so decided to make some swaps and see if Ben and Stuart noticed.

mince, spaghetti, greek yoghurt, mayonnaise, grapes, quorn mince and bacon medallions on a wooden table

Whilst Aldi has the centre section with all sorts of non grocery items it is so much quicker to shop at because there isn’t the clothes, DVDs, books etc of the bigger supermarkets to distract me. I went with a shopping list as we had already done a meal plan.

My Aldi Shop

Here are some of the items I bought, their price and what we as a family thought of them.

Cantaloupe Melon

We love these and at Aldi they were £1.19 each. Often they are around £2 in other supermarkets so I was impressed at this find. They were just as good quality and tasty.

Baking Potatoes

We make our own chips using baking potatoes as well as enjoying them for baked potatoes so get through a bag most weeks, sometimes more. This 2.5kg bag was £1.45 so cheaper than similar size potatoes often in other shops.

Beef 5% fat mince

Anyone who follows Slimming World or just healthy eating in general is likely to know that 5% fat mince is always more expensive than its fatties counterparts. I guess it is because you get more beef then for the packet weight! This pack was £3.15 which I thought was great for 500g. The same size pack of 5% mince at my usual supermarket is £4. It was just as good quality as I cooked it and apparently the taste was no different.

Lighter than Light Mayonnaise

For 69p I was very impressed by this as it is healthier than standard mayonnaise and Ben loves his mayo! He loves this one just as much but it is saving money and fat so a huge bonus in my eyes.

Peeled Plum and Chopped Tomatoes

These were 29p a can. I did notice the chopped tomatoes were not as red as my normal ones and didn’t taste quite as nice on their own but add a few herbs in a spaghetti Bolognese and they are fine. The Peeled plum ones were not as firm I didn’t think but were still good value.

Mixed Peppers

A three pack for 91p is a small but worthwhile saving too, I couldn’t tell any difference between these and any other peppers I have bought.


This big box was £1.41 which is great. Like most wonky vegetables you can buy now they needed a clean but at around 30-40p cheaper than the ones I usually buy I am happy with that.

White Seedless Grapes

£1.49 a pack so similar to elsewhere when you buy 2 for £3 etc but if you only want one pack its a saving and they were nice so that’s all good.


At 39p a can they are a similar price to budget brands at other supermarkets but they were just as nice and that is good in my book!

Fat Free Greek Style Yoghurt

This is £1 in my regular supermarket so I was a bit dubious if it would be nice from Aldi as it was only 68p but I was pleasantly surprised it was just as lovely.


At 13p each I think they seem pretty similar in price to elsewhere but I didn’t weigh them so can’t really compare them for you. They were nice and good quality though and the pictured bunch for 78p seems similar to what I have paid elsewhere I think.

Large Red Onions

Again I didn’t weigh these but the pack of 3 was 62p which I am pretty sure is better value than elsewhere. They were fresh and just as nice of course, onions are onions. If anything I would say these were a little stronger, they made my eyes water, but that could be just by chance!

12 Large Free Range Eggs

This pack was £1.75 which seems pretty reasonable and they were just as good quality as others I have bought with a great date to last. Not that they last long in this house.

Bacon Medallions

At £2.29 for a pack of 10 they were a little better value as I usually pay around that for 8. They didn’t seem any different in quality as I cooked them. Ben thought they tasted different but Stuart didn’t so as a vegetarian I couldn’t tell you if they were very different.

Sweet Leaf Salad Bag

This was 62p which is great for a salad bag they often seem to be at least £1 everywhere else. It was nice and seemed to keep as well as any other salad bag.

Spiralised Butternut Squash

These are becoming more popular and whilst I didn’t actually need any this pack was half price as close to its best before date so I bought it as an extra. It was 45p instead of 89p and yummy. I don’t often buy this but I am pretty sure other supermarkets charge more.


It was tasty and just like normal spaghetti in my opinion, for 39p the packet I was impressed!


At 35p this was definitely a bargain. It was as full of flavour as any other cucumber I have tried, except home grown by Stuarts dad as that is so much nicer than any other I have tried.

Quorn Mince

I am trying to increase my protein intake and as a vegetarian Quorn is one of those things I think I need to eat more of. This bag was just £1.49 so cheaper than elsewhere I think which is positive.

Spring Onions

A pack for 48p so pretty standard! Just as good quality, bargain!

Cherry Tomatoes

A pack for 69p, bargain. Tasty and lasted well.


A 1kg bag for 43p seemed a bargain, they were pretty good quality inside and lets face it a carrot is a carrot.

Free Range Egg Noodles

I love noodles with a stir fry and usually pay around £1 for a pack of this size. This pack was 55p from Aldi. They are nice and I couldn’t taste any difference.

Speciality Grapes – Cotton Candy

If you haven’t tried these then you really must they are so good. At £1.95 a pack they aren’t cheap but they are the only place I have seen them for sale this year and last year elsewhere was about £2.50 a pack in other places so not at all bad.

Kiwi Fruits

These were 45p for a 6 pack on the Super Six section. This section has offers on six produce items every week so you can buy everyday items or something different a little cheaper. Always good isn’t it when things are cheaper so I picked up some kiwi fruits as haven’t had them for a while.

Farmhouse Loaf

I don’t usually buy white bread but as Ben is off school and we will get through lots I thought I may as well this time it was 65p with a good date on and whilst I haven’t had any it feels soft and Ben hasn’t complained!

Do you have any favourite buys from Aldi I should try? Do let me know and I will pick them up to give a try on the next shop!

Prices all correct when I visited Kirkby In Ashfield Store on 05/08/18.




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